September 30

chere famille, (that means dear famille in french)
This week was great.  so i dont know what has been happening but i was doing the calculations and they told me that i have only been here for 13 days….. that cant be right becuase i swear that i have been here for a month haha.  not to complain of anything but the time has been going by soooo slow.  i love it here and i am having fun and working hard but the time is just dragging on haha who knows what is happening. haha
This week was awesome.  we did alot of work.  we went on exchanges on tuesday-wednesday and they were AMAZING.  me and elder neilson ( the district leader) were together and we went porting (just door knocking) and we had alot of good descutions with some really nice people but then we ran into this woman who was cooking with the window open so we just yelled in out little shpiel and she asked the very commonly asked question  ” are you the jehovahs wittnesses” and we said no and she sighed in reliefe and said ok good because i will never listen to them.  so then we talked to her for a little just through the window and then when we told her about the book of mormon and that it was free she said what?? and she ran to the door and we told her about it and asked if she would finnish the introduction before we came back and she said ” oh i will have finnished it by then” haha it was sweet!!! so i am waiting to hear from the district leader what happens with her haha it was a miracle.
Also this week we met with that cat lady again and she was much more normal haha we just taught her on her porch about the restoration and we are meeting with her again tonight. 
Then the other miracle of this week was Adel.  she is the wife of Ludo who is a member.  and we asked her if she would come to Church and she said ”uh i dont know maybe.  it will just be a suprise” and she we fasted for her that she would come to Church and not only did she come but she stayed for all three hours.  it was awesome.  she said that she liked it a lot.  but what i need you guys to do is pray that she will be baptised because we are going to invite her again this week and we need your faith. 
YES i am so excited for general conference.  luckly i get to Watch it in English because there are English speakers in our ward.  so i am excited for that.  i will be thinking the whole time though of watching it with dad in the conference center and at grandmas house and it will probable make me really homesick haha. 
But ya i am in need of some handwritten letters.  it is a lonely existance when neither i nor mon collegue recieve any letters haha.  i loved the letter that mom wrote to me that i got at the mission office it was great,.  so if it is not too expencive then send me some letters.
Well i dont really have anything else to say.  but as for the fast i will take this coming saturday if i can and if not i will take the next one because i think we are fasting on those days anyways, 
But i love you al sooooooooooo much.  this week i was really homesick and i dont know why so also pray for me that i wont be so homesick this week. 
je t’aime
Avec l’amour
Elder dayley
  (this next part is from he and I emailing back and forth, when I was asking how he is doing)
OH and also pray for my knees,   they are starting to hurt when i walk too much haha so pray that i would have to come home and get a surgery unless its the will of the lord haha but it is time to go
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