sept 23, first week in France!

a little disclaimer (if you will)  So as you notice, I don’t really correct any spelling or grammatical errors on his letter, because I think that’s half the fun of reading them!  Seeing how it changes as he gets more and more immersed in the language! 

So I hope that doesn’t bother any of you, because I kind of like it.

here are also a couple of mission pics!





chere famille`

well the keyboards here are really wierd so please forgive me for beaucoup de spelling errers. and also it is set to spell check in french so to my eyes every word is spelled wrong. 
BUT!!! it is great here. my french is decent. i am blessed to have a companion who is 100% french.  haha he speaks it fluently and speaks decent elglish.  He is prpbably about as good at english as i am at french so its hard sometines just because if i say something that he dosnt understand then it takes about five minutes to explaine it withe the words that he knows.  but he is great.  he is a hard worker and has a TON of love for our amis.  We have three amis:  One of them is a family and there are three kids and the mom and dad.  the dad is a member.  but no one else in the fanily is:  They are very nice.  They are the lemoins.  the dads name is ludo and the moms name is adell.  then they have two boys and a girl!  It was a HARD first week though.  So far we have only had one person show interest in the gosple but we think that she is just a lonely women who wants sone companyµ.  But i feel like no one here wants to listen:  The very very first door that we knocked on opened and when the guy saw us he said no that is poop and slammed the door.  so it waq hard but i am getting used to it more and more  as the days continue haha.  But it is BEAUTIFUL here.  i love it.  I will give you my address next week because i dont have it today.  but we live right next to the Gare ( train station)  And really close to centreville. (downtown)  The people are cool.  but as soon as your say that we are missionaries they are no longer interested in you haha:  But we have met alot of peolpe.

As far as the french goes,  i cant really understand anything haha. i can understand some people but everyone talks so differently here that it is hard to understand.  but i have learned a ton and i can already speak way better than My first day.  It has beel fun and it gets better and better everyday.  I am excited to see what vanne (the cities name) has in store for me.  

Thats great to hear about devin though.  it sounds like he is making alot of progress.  Like usuallt i am amazed at the amount of service that people are doing for our family.  it is an answer to ,y prayers every time.  

But tell amanda happy birthday for me.  haha  i an am sad that i was not able to eat that delicious susi.  haha you all know how much i love raw fish.  haha but really i am sad that i was not there.  it sounds like it was fun.  But anyways i am getting sick of this keyboard so i think that is all for today. tell everyone that i miss them and tell them to keep writing, 

Elder Dayley
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