sept 9 IM GOING TO FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!

OUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! J’ai Tres tres hate aller a france!!!!!!  je ne peux pas atiendre.

HAha i am seriously excited!! haha my flight leaves a week from 4 hours from now!! and its direct flight so expect a phone call from me before i get on my flight inbetween 2 and 430!! i am so excited hahaha.   i feel like i has been a year since you guys dropped my off yet it only feels like a week since my first day if that makes any sense haha.  
I seriously cant believe that amanda was at the temple yesterday haha did she get a picture of me because i would love to see where she was haha she would totally do that!! how did she know where i was going to be? and when i would be there? of was it juist on accident? of what haha i am really glad that i did not see here because that would have made me get really homesick and i probably would have cried to have have to say goodbye again so thanks amanda for not running over and huigging my haha!
Ya so i only got to spend about 15 minutes with conner because he is staying on the west campus so i just took him to get his tag, Books, and then get his stuff on the bus over to the west campus.  but we talked and i told him all the tricks to the MTC and then told him how much he was going to love it haha.  I had him sign my “host” badge and i put it into my journal! it was fun to see him and his family again!! haha but it was really sad to have to see them say goodbye!!
YAAAAA this weeks treats were killer haha i loved those brownies with the tan frosting on them.  whatever they were they were good haha.  So send some of those again this week>  but i think that this week should be another small package week just so we can clear out all the stuff that we have before we leave.  
I am going to be really sad when i have to say goodbye to all these kids in my district that are going to Lyon! i feel like i have known them all my whole life!! 
THat rainstorm was NUTS!!! there were a few doors that got blocked by water here haha and SOOO much top soil and mulch came out of the flowerbeds and onto the sidewalks!!! did anyones houses flood in our neighborhood? 
Um not much else happened here this week.  Elder Tidwell and i committed one of our Amis to baptism.  so that was cool and the other one is getting close! i feel like i am starting to get the lauguage down but i am sure that i will be SUPER humbled when i get off the plane next week but i am still so excited!!! i love the language so much!! it is sooooo much cooler sounding then spanish and 100 times more fun to speak haha
Yesterday, me and 3 other elders in my district sang “brightly beams our fathers mercy” in le reunion de saint sene!! it was cool.
Um but thats about it haha.
I love you all soooooooooo much and hope you are all doing well!
Bonne chance, Bonne courage and au’revoir!!!
Je t’aime beacoup,
Elder dayley
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