Sept 2, 2013

Dearest Family,

This week was GREAT.  Tuesday we got the incredibly opportunity to have Elder anderson come and speak to us.  It was an amazing talk about love and service.  I learned so much and it was cool also becauise he went on his mission to france and served as a mission prisedent there.  It was very cool.  And as you probably know it was raining and lightninging on tuesday night so we stayed in the marriot center for about an extra hour and sang hymns and he went around and shook peoples hands.  I sang in the choir that night and he was about 15 feet away from me.  So i was pretty close.  I love it becauise at the MTC the apostles are just like celebrities. Everyone waves to them as they leave. I have felt really lucky to be able to have two apostles out of the three devotionals that i have had.  Then after we had about a 30 min walk back to our rooms in the rain.  We all got soaked and i found out that when my suit gets wet it smells like roxy when she is wet haha.  So pretty bad.  But i loved every minute of it. 
Wednesday was pretty normal.  We taught our investigator Johnathon about the first vision and restoration and i was able to say the whole first vision in french from memory.  The spirit was very strong.  We also met our real nighttime teacher sister judd.  she is very cool.  She is a blond version of emma smith from the joseph smith movie.  She is really inspiring the way that she teaches.  i really like her,.  She plays the role of a girl named Leaticia for our second investagator.  we taught her once this week and gave her a book or mormon and challenged her to read the title page then taught her how to pray and challenger her to pray about it.  then asked her that if she found out that it was true if she wound get baptised and she sort of brushed the question off.  But we did get johnathon to commit to baptism when he finds out that it is true.  so we are having some success with out Amis’ (invesitgatore)  
Also yesterday when everyone in my room went to shower,  The last one out (elder tidwell) accidentally closed the door and locked us out haha so elder lam and i just had to sit there in our towels for like 15 minutes while someone went and got a master key from the front desk. It was hilarious.
Um i think that i could use some more beef jerky and some more gushers,  and also chips haha everyone devoured them this week.  I loved the pictures that were in the cookie box.  I feel like that whole goodbye weekend was a distant dream.  in fact i kind of feel that way about my life before i came here haha.  It is weird. But i still need a family picture and a picture of roxy.  So get those sent over 😉  
WOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! i cant even believe that he is walking by himself on his walker.  I mean i have only been for 4 weeks and that is CRAZY progress.  I am soooooooo happy.  AH it is just so cool.  Tell him to stop being so hard on himself because that is truly amazing.  He will be walking by himself in no time.  Ah wow i just cant believe it. 
Um…………… Donc……oui.  Haha i dont really know what else to talk about.  Send me some more questions if you are still on!
Love you sooooooo much and miss you guys. 
Elder Dayley
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