Aug 26, 2013

Chére famille,

Je t’aime.  And i miss you all.  Je sais que cette eglise est vrai.  Je apprende francais bien.  Keep praying that the language haha.  Mais c’est bien.  Je resentir que je suis tres bien.  Et je sais que c’est le seigneur est aider moi.  haha
you will have to google translate that and let me know if it actually made any sense haha.  But this week has been great.  it was a pretty average week in the mtc but i feel like i have been learning alot.  my roomates tell me that i have been speaking french in my sleep so i think that is a good sign haha.  i am loving it here more and more every week.  it is crazy alot of work so my district gets off task sometimes but we manage to still get alot done.  I LOVE our teacher more and more every day.  he is amazing.  we have not really had a steady teacher this whole time because Frére Smith went out of town for about a week and then the other eone got married and we havent even seen her yet.  haha but nonetheless i feel like we are still learning alot of french on our own.  
i keep hearing from the general authorities to not worry about the lauguage because it will come eventually but it is hard because i sitll have to work my butt off so that i can show the lord that i want his help but there is a fine line between working really hard and the obsessing over it haha.  and at this point i feel like i am obsessing over it! but i know that it will come eventually.  I love it.  
I have though been trying my best to add more gospel study into my time and i have made the goal to spend 30 minutes in preach my gospel and the scriptures in english every study block that we have allotted.  You know, trying to have moderation in all things haha.  
But it is just so hard because i have ALOT of stress (haha) about going to france and not knowing the language.  
So i now give everyone permission to send me handwritten letters haha.  i know that i said to send emails last week but i do feel a little bit lonely every night when everyone else reading their letters and i am just in my bed being glutenous haha.  i also need something to do during the hour and a half that i do my laundry.  So tell EVERYONE haha to write me more.  
I also give you all permission to start sending packages again.  More stuff like lays,  or doritos and sweets haha.  the longer that i am here,  the more i crave all those normal sweets.  
BUT……………. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW DEVIN!!!!!!!!!!  I will send you a handwritten letter today but i think it might get there late so i didn’t want you to think that i had forgotten!!!! i love you soooooooooooooooooo stinking much and i miss you.  I will try and buy you someting cool from the bookstore.  I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!! 
Ah that letter from you mom though made me so happy.  Thanks for the comforting words.  can you send me shaunas and shellys and shellys email addresses though 🙂 and also kris bishoffs!! i want to email them.  
I love you all and really REALLY apreciate all of your love.  i can feel your prayers and cant wait to get out into the field.  My halfway mark at the MTC is on Tomorrow so i only have to do this one more time 🙂  
Je t’aime boucoupe,
Bonne courage,  Bonne contiuation et Au rovoir!!
Elder Dayley
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