August 19, 2013

Let me preface it by saying that my email talked about Devin having a bit of a rough week, and then it turning into a terrific ending, where he named about 6 things that he has made progress in!  The fact that he can see that he has made progress is a big breakthrough!  He hasn’t been able to acknowlege that he has made progress in anything up until now.  and my email also talked about some of the sisters in the ward coming and cleaning last week, and some of the experiences they shared with me while being here. 
oh and the trip to San Francisco was to get his Visa I think.
So enjoy Kolby’s letter.!! 
Dear Sweet, amazing, Mom,

I LOVEd your letter this week.  you have no idea how much i cried/smiled while reading it.
Before i go into the deatails of the week i just want to share this expierence of the power of prayer in my life.
So over the last two weeks there have been two things that i litterally wet my pillow over at night while i am praying.  1: that devin will be blessed with faith in the future and that he will see his progress and not got down. 2: that you will be blessed with help since you are the only one with Devin monday-thursday. 
You can kind of see where i am going with this just since you can see your letter.  but reading what you wrote to me about the women coming to help you and how Devin is starting to see his own progress has made me feel like my faith and service to the lord is helping.  i had a meeting with my branch president and i just started crying and i said ” i feel so bad for my mom because she is spending ALL of her time focusing on Devin and i am not there to help her” and he shared an experience with me about his family.
He said the about 7 years ago his daughter was diagnosed with cancer,  she went through some Chemo and went into remission.  and so about 3 years later his son decided to go on a mission.  well while his son was preparing he found out that his daughters cancer had come back.  And that this time it was terminal.  His son found out about this and still decided to serve a mission.  He told me that while his son was on a mission she died.  and they arranged a phonecall with his son and the son said ” i dont think i am going to come home for the funeral.  The lord takes care of his servants”  and that was it.  And my branch president said that the blessings that they received because of his sons full service helped them in  way greater ways then any way that the son could of ever imagine.  and he promised me the same things.  it was truly and answer to my prayers.
Also on the subject of prayer.  This week for our Tuesday night devotional we were INCREDIBLY blessed to have elder Scott come and speak to us.  He spoke about prayer and sort of quoted himself with that quote that i told you about. You know the one? ” can we ever really understand the miraculous power of prayer  until we encounter an urgent problem that we have no control over”.  His Talk was soooooooooo good.  he told about some of his mission exp.  and on his walk out he turned to the crowed and cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled “BE GOOD” haha it was awesome.  
But ya a lot of my prayers have been answered this week and i cant help but know that god is there and looking out for me and every single one of us.
So ya our first lesson with our Ami (investigator in french) was terrifying but as soon as the spirit was there i was able to get my points across in french.  i said stuff like ” l’église , je sentir bien”  Which literally means “church, I to feel good” haha it was good though.  We finished teaching her and Thursday and she came and told us what we did good at and what we could improve on. 
Oh man what else this week?Oh ya i went to San Francisco.  It was an exhausting day.  Our flight home got delayed 4 hours so we just sat in the terminal and waited.  we all got $25 to spend though on stuff in the airport from the airline so that was fun.  haha but a lot of the other elders there were acting so childish.  i know that this sounds weird coming from me but it was driving me crazy.  it was like they forgot that they were on a mission and that they were literally representing the lord.  but anyways haha.  it was a fun day.  We woke up at 2:00 am and didnt get back until 10:40 pm haha it was a long day.  
I LOVE MY DISTRICT.  we are all mostly on the same page and there is this other elder,  Elder Liechty,  and him and i get along like my and christ0pher get along.  ha we are both just super goofy all the time and we feed off of eachother really well and whenever we are together we both are just laughing our heads off.  But my district all follows the rules with exactness and we are all really serious about our missions, yet we all still have fun.  it is great.
My companion and i are getting allong alot better.  i decided to just start serving and loving the heck out of him.  it is going really well.  i have grown to love him and i have learned alot of pationce,
So now for my requests.  haha
1: can i have all of the family write up their testimonys,  Print them out,  and send them to me over the mail?
2: i need stamps haha so can i get some of those.
3: everyone in my room has been getting alot of food haha.  so as much as i hate to say it,  lets take a week break on the packages haha.  our room is just filling up with love and blessings form our familys haha.  i love it.
Well i love you soooooooooooooo much and i cant express enough how greatful i am to have a mom like you.  i think about you every time someone is playing the organ and any time a women bears her testamony and starts crying haha.  
And lets have you just send emails,  not dear elders.  although i do love getting stuff in the mail.  haha i just dont have time to write back during the week.  love all of you who read this especially my family 🙂
Keep writing
Elder dayley


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