Kolby’s first email Aug. 12, 2013

Hi mommy,
The MTC is super hard haha.  i just thought that i would start out by saying that.  my french is coming along…… haha.  i know that i have only been here for five days so logically i shouldn’t have very good french yet but i feel like i have been here for five weeks so i am expecting that i should be fluent by now.  And i am not.  haha but i am getting better every day.  My first week was great.  i have been studying harder now than i have ever before in my entire life and i just go to bed and wake up absolutly exausted haha.Ya a have gotten all the stuff.  i love that you are sending my packages because i get so hungry at night because we eat like old people here.  Breakfast at 630,  lunch at 11 and dinner at 4.  but i never feel good about eating sweets at night just because i am already exausted and i know that they wont help me.  haha so keep sending stuff but just less treats.  but i love you so much and miss you.  It is so cool being here because i know that this is exactly what the lord wants me to do and i know that because i feel the spirit ALL THE TIME.  it is so wonderful.  we watched a talk called The Charecter of Christ by elder bednar last night and it was sooooooooooo good. look it up and watch it with the family right away.  And take notes with the advice that he gives you on taking notes.  the spirit will tell you things that you can do to become more like Christ. 
anyways my companion and i are starting to get along a little better.  The more i get to know him the more he is like Derik our cousin.  other than the fact that he is on a mission.  but we had a good companionship inventory yesterday and we are both working at becoming closer and compramising to get along better.  But if you are there then write back with any questions.  and have 45 more minutes starting now.
How is Devin?
How was church this week?
How is only having you and devin at home?
Elder Dayley
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