sept 22


Well this week was very good. We had alot of really cool expierences this week which really showed how much the lord is at the head of this work. But to start off i would like to say how much i love all of you and how greatful i am for all of the incredible things that you have done for me as well as for eachother. The lord LOVES it when we are kind and serve eachother because he loves us all SO MUCH and so he is greatful when we are able to help one of his other children feel good. So i just wanted to let you all know that i as well am very greatful.

Well to start off i would like to tell you about our day on saturday. So we arrived at saturday and we had not taught any lessons. WE had exchanges up in Aulnay as well as district meeting so that left us with not much time in auxerre and then the time that we were in auxerre was being filled with either weekly planning or me going and getting my “titre de sejour” (which means that i am legal in france for another year!!!! WOO HOO!!! i will not be getting deported!!) But anyways so we set the goal for saturday to be able to find 5 people that the lord wanted us to teach and help bring closer to him, As we were deciding where these peopel might be we prayed and elder taruoura felt that we should go and just walk down this dirt road in the back of auxerre where there were not usually really any people haha so i trusted in my companion and we went walking. We walked for about 3 hours straight and were able to talk to about 6 people but the thing was is that we taught 3 of them!!!! it was incredible. The very last of which we talked to came to church yesterday and at the end shared how he never takes that way home from work but he just felt like taking it on saturday and he ran into us. He said that for the first time in his whole life he does not feel like his soul is lost!!! it was soo cool. And amazing to see how the lord knew exactly where to put us and him so that we were able to meet him.

So with those three lessons included with our one that we taught to Veronique in the morning and then another that we taught that night we were able to teach 5 peoiple. Which is a REALLY good day in this mission haha. So it was an incredible expieriece.

Other than that Patrick is doing really well. We had been worried that he was just coming to church because he loved mariema (a member) but this week he tried to move their relationship to the next levle haha and she flat out rejected him and he Still came to church!!! And after mariema told us that, he said to her that the church and her were not linked at all. So that is really good news. He told us that the only thing that is holding him back from baptism now is that he doesnt feel worthy for it. So continue to pray for him if you would becuase he needs it!!!

I love you all so very much and i hope that you all have a great week and are able to grow a little closer to the lord than you were last week. As well as realize just a little bit more about what jesus christ did for us all in the garden of Gethsemany. For i dont think that any of us fully understand what he did.

I love you i love you i love you!!!

Elder Dayley

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sept 15


Well this week was a great week for us. Life is pretty fun with a poly and i think that i am really starting to become one of them. So give a big Mahalo to all of the hawaians that you know and a Hiorana to all of the tahitians. You can also call them “Maya” for me (it means banana in tahitian haha but they think that it is a cool way of adressing their friends….. i dont get it)

But i learned a ton this week. I have started reading this book called ” The power of everyday missionaries” and i would recommend that every single member of the church read it. It talks all about how us as members of the church can do missionary work in a way that dosnt scare everyone off. I think that it is great and there are a ton of principals in there that have helped me to become a more effective servant of the lord.

First off i got to taste a little bit of really how much power the book of mormon has in our work. That was the topic of this Zone Conference which was last thursday and so i took it and really tried to apply the book of mormon more in the way that i do missionary work. so i would love to share just one of the cool expierences that i had/.

So we have been seeing this man named Windiam for a few weeks. He is from africa and is a catholic with a lot of protestant beliefs. so he thinks that the book of mormon is blastphemy because if we accept the book of mormon as scripture then to him that means that we say that the bible in incomplete. Which he has a hard time accepting. So what we dicided to do this week was just simply read with him some examples from the book of mormon that show that it actually helps us learn more about the bible and helps us grom closer to christ. So we read with him. And he began to read and he really liked what he read/. After that he then began to say how the book of mormon is not the word of god but it is rather just a help to the bible and that it was written to simply to be the work of god. haha And so i asked him ” How can you say that when you have not even read it” and he aggreed with me haha. He said that he was pretentious to have said that and that he would read the book of mormon (which is something that he has never agreed to do us until now) and as the end of the Lesson he stood up and said to his brother (who was visiting from a town not far from here) “you know, you are not catholic of protestant. You should really think about joining the mormons. I am a catholic from birth and i could not leave that, but you are not. And i think that you should really think about joining them because i am their loyal friend” haha i was blown away when he said this because all of our other lessons with him were kind of just him trying to tell us that all of our docterine with blasphemy but as soon as we had him just read with us from the book of mormon he was willing to actually do missionary for us haha. It was really cool.

Other than that we have had some cool things happen. We were able to talk to patrick about baptism and he says that he needs to wait until after the 25 to decide on a date. So pray for him that he will be able to be protected from the opposition that satan will for sure try to put into his life. We still have not heard from Tsiry. we will call her some time tomorrow to got news on how she is and if she feels ready to talk with us again. So pray form her as well.

I love you all so much. And i pray for you all every day. May god bless you.

Avec toute l’amour de mon cœur,
Elder Dayley

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sept 8

Salut les gares!!

Well i am doing well this week. It was a really cool week with some pretty bigs and some pretty low lows. I will of course talk mostly about the highs.

To start off i wanted to talk about friday. So this last friday our mission as well as the mission of Lyon france set a goal together to find 1000 new investigators together in the day. So in order to accomplish this goal we would pray for eachother every 30 minutes that we would be able to see success. As well as we would all buy a Mille Feuille for lunch (that is a yummy frence pastry) haha. So that is what we did. Here in auxerre we got off kind of to a late start because we got in at aboyt noon from out Exchange in meaux with the elders there. But nevertheless we went out with faith to find people. IT was AMAZING to feel the faith of all 500 missionaries combined together in this purpose. THe day had such a cool feeling too it. WE went out and started talking to as many people as we could and almost everyone that we talked to was would at least lend us an ear to listen for a moment which is rare. So one of the cool things that happened was that we contacted this woman and she kind of tried to shun us off by saying “i am already a catholic and i will stay a catholic” but i was too pumped to just let her go like that so i kind of stopped her while she was walking away and said “that is great. what has that done for you in your life to help you?” which is something that i only do if i feel the spirit tell me to push a little harder haha. So she stopped and thought and answered and we had a great conversation and were able to teach her. We found out that she was from Peru and that she has a lot of family that are mormon and that she has actually read the book of mormon and was close to getting baptised but then she went to prision from some imigration problems and sort of dropped it. So we were able to take her number and she actually lives down in the lyon mission so we will pass her over to them. But we were pumped about that and while we were talking to her we got a referall from the Troyes elders for someone that they found that lives in our area. It was really cool to see how we were litterally all working together to find investigators, whether they were for us or for others.

SO on the other hand we got a text from Tsiry (the recent convert) on saturday morning that said ” i would like you and all the branch to leave me alone for a while to give me some time to really think about my decision to become a mormon. i am not completly convinced.” and come to find out, for the last while whe had been dating a muslim man and he has been trash talking christianity to her and trying to convince her to convert to islam. So she is actually thinking about it. So if you could all pray for her that would be great. because she needs to remember her testimony that is getting dosed by this man.

SO ya other than that we were able to go up to meaux for an exchange. as well as go on exchanges with the elders From Aulnay. So that was fun to be able to learn from all of those missionaries.

I love you all and hope that you all have had a great week and make this next one great as well.

Elder Dayley

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Sept 1


Well i would love to start off by saying how fast this week went by. I feel like i was just in front of this computer but in reality it has been a whole week. It was an amazing week and alot of it was actually spent outside of out own area doing Exchanges and going up to paris for out district meeting.

This week i had the wonderful opportinity to be able to go on Exchanges with the Elders from Troyes as well as the elders from Meaux. It was really cool to be able to spend some time with some other missionaries and find out their “super powers” as sister posnanski called them. Or in other words things that they are really good at that i want to apply to my mission. I Was with this elder from seatle washington named Elder Palmer. He is a generally shy missionary who doesnt say much. It was interesting for me to watch as he did missionary work because he didnt talk much and had anxiety as we talked with people but as he began to testify the spirit was incredibly. We were simply talking with a woman at her door who had recently lost someone close to her and Elder palmer began to testify so simply and so sincerly of the plan of salvation that it nearly brought me to tears. I was so incredibly touched by that. I aggree with President Brigham Young when he spoke of his conversion and how the thing that did it for him was when he heard a man without elgequence nor tallent for public speaking testify and he said that it was thanks to this man that “eternity was opened befor his eyes” and that is when he dicided to be baptised after years of investigating the church. It was really really cool.

The other Exchange was equally miraculous but just in a different way. I was up in Troyes with an elder from new jersey named elder Garner. It was probably one of my most successful exchanges as far as success goes. We had our planned lesson fall through and so we just went and tracted for the night with the extra time that we had and litterally every person that we talked to we taught and they were interested in hearing more. It was unlike anything that i have every seen befor here in france. I felt like i was right there next to tanner in honduras 😉 haha but serioursly it was so cool. And this is in troyes one of the most beautiful frence cities that i have ever been in and one in which there has not bee very much success as far as missionary work goes. It was amazing.

Well just 2 more things that i want to talk about. One of them was a huge blessing from the lord. This week a member that we have been visiting that was baptised in janurary of this year called us and told us that she had invited a man that she has recently met to come to church with her. He came and told us that he just moved here from paris and decided that he needs to reconcile himself with god. And that he has been to several other churches here and that they did not please him. At the end of church he was happy to say that our church however did. We were able to set a appointment with him after church for this coming friday. So pray for him, his name is Partick.

The other one was this afracan man that we met knocking that let us in last time but just sort of wanted to bible bash with us. And we went back to see him again just yesterday and just focused on the basics. we re taught him about the book of mormon and it was soo cool to see things start to click in his head as we testified. And at the end of the lesson he aggreed to read it (which he would not do the previous time) so that was really cool. The coolest part of the lesson was when i had just finnishes sharing my testamony of the book of mormon with him and he looked at me and said “ok if what you said is true then i should be able to just open the book to any page and feel edified” so that is exactly what he did and he opened to Alma 40. As he read he kind of started off reading with a sarcastic tone and “puffed up” as the scriptures say. but as he read his tone started to change and he actually stopped reading out loud and had a completly different look on his face. When he finnished he looked at us and said ” ok, it is a good book” and it was a powerful witness to me of the power of the book of mormon. That is the first time that something like that has happened to perfectly on my mission.

SO ya there you go. The week in a few paragraphs. I was so happy to have been able to live it and am excited to see what this week has in store.

Love you,
Elder Dayley

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aug 25


Well i love that you all had such a great time on the cruise. You got to see a little bit of Europe which is one of the most beautiful places in the world as far as architecture goes. It is cool you got to see a little bit of what i get to see every day. And i am not trying to rub it in your faces even tho i kind of am. haha

Well this week was really good. Elder Taruoura is sweet. He is a classic polynesian. I love him so much. He is really chill, really nice, really sincere, and i am never afraid of the groups of muslim kids when i am with him because i know that he can take them all on single handedly while i call someone for help haha. So that is cool. Well this is some of the first english that i have spoken i a while because when i say that he does not speak english i mean NONE, haha so my french is really getting practiced right now haha. I am kind of tired of it but it is cool to see me having to start translating things from french to english when i want to speak english haha. It is wierd actually. I would have never thought i would be in this situation a year and a half ago.

Well just like i did with elder beck my first day here, on elder Taruouras first day here we found a family to teach from door knocking. it is a tradition. It is really really cool to see how far i have come since i was in vannes becacuse here in auxerre it is about 2\3 the size of vannes but we are teaching a lot more people as well has seeing more baptisms. So it has been really cool for me to be able to measure my progress as a missionary (although i still have A LONG ways to go)

Some really really good news for this week was that we were able to fix a baptismal date this week with Dera, who is the son of the recent convert here names Tsiry who was baptised about a 6 weeks ago. So that was really good news. He has been coming to church with his mom every week and we were talking to him the other day about stuff that he has learned and he sounds just like a regular member of the church. And also ,for both of Tsirys kids, when i got here they both had a really hard time praying just because toky (the 4 year old) would just say ” there is no one listening to me” and now it is practically always them who say the opening and closing prayers for the lessons!!!! It is so cool to be able to see their little testamonies growing and that is just what htis branch needs as well is more youth and in three years dera will be able to get the priesthood. I am really excited for that.

So this week President Judas (the branch president) was out of town again which meant that it was up the Frere Labuzon to conduct the meeting. Just some back round on him, he is about 70 but he kind of shows the signs of being slightly mently handicap. So it is always interesting in the branch when he conducts haha. One of the funny things that happened was that the ward piano player did not come so that meant that we had to sing akapella….. And Frere Labuzon chose a bunch of hymns that no one knew (not even him) haha so when he stood up to conduct the music he counted “one two three” for everyone to start singing. And BOOM….. dead silence hahahahah it was seriously so funny because all of the members were waiting for someone else to start singing haha i was at the sacrament table but i could not help but giggle to myself.

So ya other than that the week was normal. I miss elder Beck a ton but that is good because that means that we really got along. And also it is good that he lives just in American fork because that means that we can easly meet up after we get home (assuming he does not get married right away….which is likely hah)

Well i love you,

Bonne Semaine,

Elder Dayley

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aug 18


FIRST THINGS FIRST!! yes i did get the pachage from sister bullock!! and i accidentally threw away her address so i was not able to write her back. Can you send that to me?

I also got the other one as well. so all is well.

It makes me so happy to hear that all is going well at home as well because all is well here. Althogh every time i say “all is well” it makes me think of the scripture that says “currsed is he who says all is well i zion” haha

Well this week was really a great week. We were once again on alot of exchanges with other missionaries. But i really love being able to work with other missionaries and see all of the miracles that happen when two people work together with a renewed faith and hope that they will see miracles together. I have been thinking alot lately about this subject because i have noticed a cylce that happens in missionaries. They arive in a new area, or with a new companion, and they are very obedient and work hard and are able to see a lot or miracles for the first 2 weeks of so. Then slowly but surely this flame dies off and the miracles become less freaquent and even in some cases they dissapear from the lives of these missionaries. So i have been asking myself the question of “what is the best way of keeping this fire and this faith even when you get used to a situation?” it is something that i think will really help everyone to know and so i want everyone who reads this letter to send me back your response to that question. Because it is something that i have notices as well in my life. it is just much harder to stay motivated to work when you are used to a situation and i have been trying something that has been helping alot but i still want your points of view. so i think that that could be an interesting thing to see. Thank you all to do that for me 🙂

We were able to see that family that we found on my first day here again this week and it was a wonderful RDV! they are not ready for baptism yet but they love our visits with them. We have been teaching them about the plan of salvation and they love it. It is really cool to see things click for people who have been wondering about this stuff for all of their lives. So thank you to pray for these people. It is veronique and her children,

Here was a cool miracle that happened just yesterday. We got done with our last lesson of the day and we had about an hour and a half left to work. So we decided that we were going to go out street contacting. So i felt prompted to go into the backstreets of the center of town which was weird becasue here in auxerre there is NO ONE on those streets after 7 just becasue there is nothing to do and there is not that many people here. But none the less, human logic never trumps the wisperings of the spirit so we went there anyways. There was no one on the streets just like we thought, but we kept walking, and then we saw a man walking on the other side of the road so we walked across and stopped him and began to speak with him and he is a man named Lionelle who is very believing and who said that he had seen out church before where he came from but he never had had the chance to speak with anyone from it. So he was thrilled to speak more with us. And the best part is the he has 6 kids who are all under the age of 11 which is exactly what we have been praying for to find. SO we were very very greatful for that answer to our prayers and as well the prayers of all of the members here.,

I love this church and i LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary. it is the coolest thing that i have ever done in my life and i love to be able to serve as a tool for the lord. And sadly i am already half of the way done.

I love you and wish you all a great cruise without me. I dont know who is going to be goofy and get sunburned and no tan if i am not there so good luck haha

Elder Dayley

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aug 11


Well i will just say how jealous i am that you are on vacation. That is so cool to be able to go to venice and other cool places like that. Are you going anywhere in france? i would assume that it you went anywhere it would be to Marseille, Just because that is ther one big city that is really on the coast. If so i wont be far from you 😉 auxerre is about as south as you can get in this mission so if there is any time, president Babin is really cool about letting you go out to lunch with your family. There are a few elders that have been able to do that. Although i wont lie, that would be a little wierd. so on second thouoght, maybe not,

But this week was pretty good. We were not really able to see any of our investigators because they are all on vacation. So that is too bad. it was a little difficult becasue of that just because i love our Amis, but it is ok. That just meant that we got to go and do alot of tracting.

One of the coolest things that happened this week was actually a really cool miracle. So there are these two member kids that lived in florida but had to move here to live with their uncle because both thier parents died in a car accident. it is a really sad story. But they are never able to come to church becasue they live an hour away from the chaple and their uncle is not a member. But he is open to having the missionaries come over because he knows how much the kids love their church. So the branch president wanted us to go and visit them because of their situation. So we had planned to do it on saturday night and then we just couldnt find the address in our GPS and also elder beck had a killer headache and he was not up to driving all the way out there. so we decided against it. And just said that we would do it on sunday. So that is what we did. We had some trouble finding the address becasue the road is not in ANY map system, even on google, but it was really cool becasue the lord put the most random people in our way that just happened to know this tiny little road that not many people live on. So we were able to find the house. And when we knocked on the door the uncle came and opened the door and explained that they had just got back from boston that morning and that the kids were sleeping. He also explained that they were going to move in like 3 weeks and that it was lucky that we came when we did because he was able to give us their new address. So if we would have gone the night before they would not have even been there and since sens is so far away from us we probably would not have gone back until next month when we had more miles for the car and they would not have lived there anymore and they would probably have been lost and it would have been a while before they would be re found by the church. So it was a very cool expierence to be a part of and it was cool just to see how the lord truly knows everything that is happening and will tell us what to do so that his precious children dont get lost.

Thats about it. It was a great week and i am excited to hear more about your cruise 🙂 have a fun week

Du plus profond de mon coeur,
Elder Dayley

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